Everyone Should Wear: Orange.

Are you a color-blocking & print-mixing power dresser?

A neutral minimalist that floats through life as froth?

Or perhaps you are a noir shadow warrior?

I am here to tell you today that no matter which category you placed yourself in above, you should be wearing the color orange.

From peach sorbet to rust to pumpkin, this color is imbued with personality. It’s altogether familiar and unfamiliar to the eye. Our eye perceives it as something cozy and warm and friendly, but at the same time we are also a little intrigued by the spunky and energetic hue.

And not only will you seem one-of-a-kind in this color, you will have people marveling all day at your radiant glow. The warmth inherent in shades of orange immediately boosts your complexion.


Orange shades like apricot and caution cone orange also play well with others.

For my color fans: I think mixing in orange with other shades like lavender and beige and lime is a modern & unexpected move.

For my neutral fans: Orange is on a blurred line. Is it a bird, or a plane? Is it a fruit, or a vegetable? Meaning - it can be a color OR a neutral. Don't be afraid to utilize brick and clay and pumpkin to amp up your earthy palettes with vibrancy and depth.

For my noir fans: one word - BRONZE. You’re running out the door, and your look is feeling a little flat or missing some dimension. Throw on a dimensional bag or chunky acetate jewelry to really help your outfit hit a Mariah Carey level 100 high note.

Please report back on your moments of orange. I am feeling excited to see! (But of course that’s also the side-effect of staring at the color orange for a prolonged period of time.)


A Sorbet Stan

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